About us

About Repère Boréal

Repère Boréal has its roots in our family and our region of origin. Originally, we dreamed of creating a project with our father, a man who taught us the virtues of entrepreneurship early on. We lost him just before the opening of the site. Guided by our desire to innovate, we aspired to continue our father’s ambitions and make them a reality, in his memory, but also for our own journey and aspirations.

Since 2016, we have made it our mission to offer nature-surrounded living spaces throughout the breathtaking Charlevoix region. There, guests can choose from micro-chalets and other refuges, all more unique than the others.

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In the earth of Repère Boreal, the UTAPI catches your eye. Built by the Galarneau ancestors, these men didnt’ know this construction would become the center of a much greater project: a unique eco-tourism place visited by thousands of humans to reconnect themselves to nature. 

Episode 1 - Don't waste your life away

Episode 2 - The Boreal communal

Episode 3 - Inside out

Episode 4 - Back to the roots