The experience

Relax – Nordic spa

Under the shade of ancestral cedars and yellow birches, visit our relaxation area for a hot bath, a sauna session, or even a cold bath.

Carefully configured to ensure your privacy, this area provides a moment of blissful relaxation. Take some time to breathe.

Only a few steps separate you from our massage therapy room. You can extend the relaxation by adding a session with one of our wellness professionals.

*Access to the spa is included in your stay and is available exclusively to our guests.

Discover – Reception pavilion

Having made your reservation, gently take the road to Charlevoix in the direction of Les Éboulements. Welcome to Repère Boréal. Follow the directions to our reception pavilion, where our team will hand you the key to your residence and give you valuable information about your stay.

The reception pavilion has a few tricks up its sleeve. On its roof, indulge in a cocktail under the setting sun on our vast panoramic terrace. Keep an eye out for goats, they enjoy joining you for your relaxing moments.

Taste – Local products

Because we love everything the Charlevoix terroir has to offer, we want to make sure that you have access to these delicacies, right from our site. Come to our reception pavilion to pick up a lunch basket, the essentials for an aperitif, or even some ready-to-bake dishes.


Experience Repère

Driven by their profound respect for the environment, the Galarneau brothers welcome you to an exceptional world where design and nature go hand in hand.

The dwellings blend seamlessly into the forest, preserving it and its multiple species of trees with great care, for each installation.

Live the Repère Boréal experience and make the most of this well-earned break, where it feels good to reconnect with nature and with oneself.

Watch our miniserie to learn more about our family and entrepreneurial history.